Sharing Our Life With Others Lesson I Learned Raising a Child With Special Needs

Sharing our life with others - Lessons I learned raising a child with special needs -
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Someone asked me recently, “How did I become comfortable with sharing about my son and his disability?” I smiled, as I replied that it wasn’t easy and it was definitely a process.

It is funny, because I shared a post a few months ago of how I learned how to share about my son on Social media. That only came after a result of growing in confidence. However, prior to that, it was a struggle to be candid and talk to others about my son.

In the beginning of Nate’s life and the years following, I loathed talking about my son’s rare congenital defect. It was something I didn’t want to do. So I refused to do it. I limited the number of people who knew about Nate’s diagnosis. Only immediate family and friends knew this information.

Keeping this to myself was for my protection. I wanted to shield myself from the inquiries and opinions of others. I didn’t want to be bombarded with a barrage of questions that I would have to answer. Also, I didn’t want people to wonder how this happened or scrutinize me.

I did the same at work. I didn’t share too much about Nate. I had pictures on my desk and I would share with some people, but I didn’t make it a point to give any details.

Yet, after a while, I understood that I could not dodge talking about my son forever. I soon became all right with answering questions. I also had to realized that every person was not judging me. Some people were genuinely interested. They wanted to know because they desired to be of some support to Nate, which was great.

Eventually, I became more comfortable with being transparent about my life and my child. There was a sense of ease, as I began to understand that sharing about Nate’s life was not about Nate or about me. Instead, when I put aside my feelings, and I went beyond what I wanted to tell others, I was honoring God. I was bringing Him glory, when I allowed others to see His work within me.


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