All People With Special Needs Have A Purpose Lessons I Learned Raising a Child With Special Needs

All People with special needs have a purpose - Lessons I learned raising a child with special needs
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In the beginning as I raised Nate, it was difficult to see that there could be a purpose for his life. He was born with a rare congenital defect that left him deaf, blind, and intellectually disabled. The question that boggled my mind, was “Is there a purpose for Nate’s life?”

Nate’s disability didn’t allow him to go out into the world becoming educated and gaining a degree in a branch of study. He was not able to work. His life required someone to provide for him and care for all of his needs. So where was the purpose in all of this? I wondered.

It wasn’t until Nate was in his elementary years, that my heart was opened with what could possibly be his purpose.

One day as we were in the grocery store, a woman who had seen us there throughout the years, commented on how Nate was growing up. I had seen this woman before, but I had never spoken to her beyond that.  However on this day, she talked to me as if she had “known us” and was happy to see us. Then at the same store, on another day, as Nate and I shopped in the meat section, the butcher stopped us as he was stocking meats.  He gave a smile to Nate and me, then shared that he had a grandson with special needs. He went on and on telling me about his grandson.

That was when a lightbulb came in my head, that people are watching us, not staring, but watching. At first I didn’t know what to make of it. I knew it wasn’t mean or malicious, but it was something. And over the years, as Nate and I have been out in public, shopping at stores, swimming at the YMCA, or traveling on vacation, there have been numerous conversations that have organically developed, at times with complete strangers, about my child, his disability and his special needs.


All People with Special Needs Have a Purpose

There have been numerous opportunities to educate people and to share the wonderful things that God has done in our life.

This was when the light seemed to shine from heaven, glowing brightly in my face. This is Nate’s purpose. His purpose is to bring glory to God. “Yes!” I shouted.  God desires for everyone to bring Him glory and bring them into the knowledge of who He is.

And That was my lesson. Nate wasn’t exempt of a purpose because he had special needs. All People With special needs have a purpose, no matter what disability they have. God can use any person and any circumstance or situation to open eyes and show others his wonderful love, grace, mercy, and goodness. And that is their purpose.

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